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About the Site

You may have asked yourself why we don't have blogs or forums on this site while on the other hand I'm asking for feedback all the time. Those would indeed be very efficient means of gathering your comments, but it would be a means of gathering spam comments as well. Hence the Feedback link in the bottom left corner of each page, which will open an email.

When I got this idea for the site I just liked this name: Incredible Ladies! It expresses everything what I think women are.

Yeah, boys - you are alright as well. And this site is not meant to be an attack on your manhood - in contrary, in boosting the confidence of the woman in your life you can only win. And if you actually would jump into her boat and go on the journey together with her - how great would that be!

And BTW you gentlemen who might find this site either by accident, or because you want to know what your woman is up to: I believe here you can learn a thing or two about women, about nutrition and definitely about sport. No, not the one that you are watching at the telly - the one that you are doing yourself. Have a look in the mirror - got love handles, beer belly or saggy bum? Aching back or headaches? I won't tell anybody that you are visiting a ladies site to find the remedy. I only can say: 'What worked for me worked for my husband as well!' And now I have to keep up because he is an attractive mid 40s and I am an 'approaching the 50s' gal. It's your call gentlemen!

However, it is my intention to keep this site as neat and clean as possible. We will address things straight, and I'm not shy in using words that you wouldn't necessarily teach your children. Given that they are expressing a certain mood or are reflecting the content of a story best. But I will not allow anything saucy. And that is the reason for the feedback via email. I will edit the comments if necessary and I will take the liberty to decide not to publish at all. Please read the Terms and Conditions on how to use the site.

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