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Oh, I hope I do not disappoint you with this section. Everything that has to do with fashion and beauty has become a big part of my life, but I'm not a fashion guru. For me fashion is one part of life that compliments all the other parts nicely.

This means that we won't feature the newest gossip, styles and whatever else is on in the fashion world. There are a lot of fantastic sites out there doing exactly that, and if you found one which you really like and of which you think others might like as well, please drop me a line.

We will have articles addressing certain issues like size 0 models, the importance of accessorising, and many more. So if you would like me to write about a certain matter and if you have some input for it - Write on, Ladies! This can be about fashion disasters, your dream outfit, your opinion about my articles, shoes, accessories, ...

IĀ told you, this is a site to share and to dream loudly.

Beauty wise I'm struggling along like the most of us, I guess. There are so many tips out there, some silly, some great, some are working for me some are not, but they do for others. Tricky business that!

Before my project started my grooming was - basic - might be the right term. Keeping clean and tidy, shaving: yes, anything more: a big bother and not for me.

Then I realised that being able to apply a decent make up can save a bad day. That knowing a bit about the one or the other grooming technique can save a lot of time, and that - oh well - getting the one or the other pampering session is not decadent but deserved.

Again, when you have an interesting website, a tip, an article of your own, or .a comment: Send it to me!

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