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Music and Art

This is a whole new section about real people having such a passion for music, poetry and other art and crafts that they become a real inspiration for others.

I recently discovered that music really does connect people and I found a taste in styles of music that is very versatile. I love the idea of real people making real music and I found different styles for different moods of mine which you know can change rather quickly.

Thanks to Mick who has become one of our contributors now I got this idea of creating a Music and Art section. When I was looking for items to use for a header photo I came across two poems I had written about 26 years ago to the man who would become my husband of almost 25 years now. At that time he was away often due to army commitment and it is a weird coincidence that just now I found those again and he has left today for a business trip. It's only a good week but I already miss him.

I always thought poetry is not for me and I that I can't really wrap my head around it. My discovery proved me properly wrong. Although my words are only very simple they hit the button instantly. I truly believe that Mick is right with his poem - Love Yourself and it herewith becomes the motto of this section.


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Love Yourself



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