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Beibei's Personal Page

My friend Beibei is a too busy lady at the moment to join the Incredible Ladies as a contributor. However, the fact that I (Rika) am wrinting here and not her shows how important it is to get the priorities right! She just needs to focus on what lies ahead of her.

After one year of work in the research centre where I am working, she is leaving now to go back to Shanghai and to settle into a new life.

During her time here she had to deal with a lot of issues like being young and having to build a carreer while at the same time being half a world away from her family and having to juggle a far distance relationship.

I have no idea from where she takes her energy. I rarely met such a funny and genuinly happy although very focussed person. I believe she is very unique and hence I will keep her column space open, for her to join whenever she is ready.

Beibei knows how to pull strings!

She once told me that the character of column writer Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series 'Sex in the City' is one of her favourite. So Beibei, whenever you need an escape from your day job, a place to rant about whatever bothers you, or to share when you have experienced something nice: Here is your home for writing it down.

Beibei was - and is - a great inspiration and support for me. Throughout the past month she was my sounding board and brought fantastic ideas and great enthusiasm into the project.

She made me drink green tea, which I'm addicted to now. I can't live without this stuff anymore and I felt never better. The supply she brought me from a trip to China will at least last me for another year, but she as well approved of a website where I can order from when I'm running out.

And she is my supplier for fashion ideas, contacts and websites. What am I going to do without her?

When we had the photo shoot with Babul he shot one picture which represents very much what I want to achieve with this site:

Young and old of all colours and shapes working together, respecting and healping each other and most of all: Having fun together!

And here is a bit more of the photo shoot

Bah - Not supposed to giggle!

I can do this! I can do...

I can doooo thi..

No, I don't!

And then Babul had lost the game anyway.

Moritz our charming cat pulled all the attention towards himself.

Dear Beibei,

May everything go well for you, may you find your passion and may you hopefully not forget us.

Have a wonderful life and keep us posted!


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Author: Rika