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Incredible Stories

This is the place where dreams have come true and goals have been achieved. Here you will find the inspiring stories of people like you and me which hopefully will give you this little push to make you keep your head up, your dreams come true, to face your demons and to pull you own strings.

I want to hear your stories. I might not be able to publish every single one of them, but I definitely will get in touch with you. My own story is about breaking out from the limitations I had put myself under. You may eventually have got the job you ever wanted, or taken up the hobby you always dreamed of doing. You may have overcome an illness or you are coping the best you can! Or you may have gone through hardship and have come out of it the other end a stronger woman! However big or small your story, send it to me!

If you think your story would be an inspiration for others please let me know that you are interested in publishing it, but please be aware that I might have to edit it and that the content will fall under the copyright of the Incredible Ladies site.

If you are just interested in getting in touch with me, but you don't want to have anything published. No problem, just let me know. I will get in touch with you.

Incredible Stories

Short Stories

Lisa - Lady on Fire
Jori - Towering Tall
... waiting for your stories

Long Stories

Project Rika
Imola's Passion
Michelle's Orangutans

... waiting for your stories

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