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Nutrition equals Nourishment

This section is deliberately called ‘Nutrition’ and not ‘Food’ or ‘Diet’. There will be articles about what is usually called 'Dieting' and hot issues like 'Size 0', but Nutrition is so much more. And please remember this is not a site about becoming slim. This is a site to help you to find out how to stay healthy despite the daily turmoil you might go through and nevertheless find the shape you can feel comfortable with. This is all about you, and what you want and need. Not about what others are thinking about you.

When you was younger and I overheard older people wishing each other health I thought that a rather commonplace expression and not a real wish. Now I see this very much differently. You can't achieve what you want to achieve if you are not of the best health you can have - or at least you won't be able to enjoy it for long. Health is the key to everything and health starts with the right nutrition.

Here a lot of information will be provided to help you to do the right choices and to find the determination to develop a lifestyle that suits you and with which you can live until the end of days.

So, 'Nutrition': If you translate it back and forth into German it says that it means the same as 'Nourishment'. Being German I might have got that wrong, but in my ears 'Nutrition' always sounds very much scientific, and has a lot to do with green vegetables and stuff that 'Is good for you'. While to me the word 'Nourishment' has more of a meaning like 'Indulging yourself'. 'Nourishment' is often used in skincare where creams nourish you skin. We very much like that thought of a well nourished, plumped, smooth skin, don’t we?

And we should think the same way about the rest of our body. Rather nourish it then feed it nutrition. The only thing that is a bit of a pitty but that we will have to accept is that the things that nourish a body are much simpler than one might think. To some dismay it’s not the highly processed food that is the most nourishing – No, darlings: ‘Chocolate is not simple food. Chocolate might nourish you soul, but not your bodies well.

And there we are with the biggest of all issues. What our bodies need is usually not what our oh so highly developed brains want. So a huge part of this section will have to deal with:

how to sometimes cheat your brain,
how to not to be too tough on yourself,
how to not feel guilty and feel like a failure after a binge, and
how to find stuff that the body needs and the brain likes.

At first I thought that the whole food thing would be tricky and time consuming. No fast food, no take away, no ready meal, how is one supposed to cope? Looking back I have to say: To get there was ... not always simple, but now it's easier than ever. My shopping is quick. It is basically always the same things I put together in different variations. I don't have to stand in freezing cold aisles reading labels not being able to decide what I want to eat tonight, or having my freezer almost defrosted sitting in the open door because that one thing - you know which one - this one brand ... did you eat that recently? is just not to be found between the other 20 packs piling in the drawers.

It needs the same time to prepare something decent from scratch then to hunt for the perfect ready meal. So don't frown and give it a try. No need to do it all in one day like they always propagate in these TV shows. For me that doesn't work. I have to sneak new things in. I experiment: If I like it it stays, if not - I try something else. I would say I needed about 2 years to get to the stage where I am now.

During the same period I found my rhythm for sport and one thing led to another. Now I'm eating what I like, meaning I like what I eat. I love my food, although there are some absolute favourites that had to leave my diet plan. After a while I stopped missing them and now there are some of those things which I don't even like anymore.

Food is tactile, food indulges the senses, food has to be fun. I love food, so let me know what you think about this section and send me your ideas and tips.

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