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Detlef's hillariously delicious Hot Chocolate

the recipe that will make you smile and giggle

This recipe comes in versions suitable for angels and daemons, with showing the more daemon-ish one the left.

Just mix and match ingredients to the respective mood of the day. Be warned, though: This recipe was created by a serious dark chocolate lover. However, even a milk chocolate addict praised it as the best hot chocolate ever.

This recipe either serves a hot chocolate lover who has a respectively huge cup or two standard sized mugs.

For Angels
220 - 250 calories

350 ml skimmed milk
3 tsp Cocoa powder
3 Splenda tablets
1 tsp honey (gives it a real nice touch)

For Daemons
380 calories

350 ml skimmed milk
3 tsp Cocoa powder
3 tsp fruit sugar
1 tsp honey
1-2 tbs Amaretto
whipping cream
sprikled chocolate powder as topping

Enjoy instantly
Preparation: 5-10 minutes

Now: Preparation lies in what tools you have at your disposal. In regard to cooking container the question is whether or not you have a microwave and a decent sized cup, so that you can mix it all directly in the cup, otherwise you need a pot, preferably a non stick one or a simmer pot (a is double walled pot where water gets filled in so one actually boils in a water bath). I find those a nuisance to maintain hence don't have one anymore to show you.

For mixing you either can use

  • a frother, which might be a nice gadget as a gift for hubby's next birthday, some even come with a travel case and there are loads of different ones in all price ranges, or
  • a fork - the least suitable tool but should everything else fail, better than nothing,
  • small whisk, which needs a bit of practice but works fine
  • a shaker, which even makes it a bit frothy, but gives you one more item to wash up.
In using a teflon lined pot one can't mix in it well without scratching the surface, so then a decent size cup or a shaker would be the tools to use.

See, a good hot chocolate is not just about the flavour, it is very much about the texture as well. Hence the preparation of Hot Chocolate lies more in the tools that suit you best to create a smooth, lump-less, silky texture. Once you found your setup you can experiment the hell out of the ingredients.


  • Rum instead of Amaretto,
  • different brands of chocolate powder - some people swear on melted chocolate. I tried it and it never did it for me, I didn't get the full on chocolate flavour like with a good powder, but it might work for you
  • different brands of canned whipping cream or freshly whipped cream
  • an Advocaat topping onto the cream
  • cinnamon instead of chocolate topping sprinkle

Part 1

Part 2

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