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June 2008 and later

I know that there are a lot of charities out there which all deserve our attention. However, there is no legal involvement between the charities listed here and the 'Incredible Ladies' site. This site is non-commercial and is not sponsoring any charity directly or wants to promote one above the other. All we want in this place is to inspire and explore options in which ways we may be able to contribute as individuals.

The below is a collection of experiences and toughts about how to achieve the very best we can for a good cause:

A way forward for us?

Some of you might have noticed that I have been investigating environmental charities since a while and the ones who know me a bit will know that I always was a bit of a wildlife fan and animal lover. In the light of wanting to support an international charity, as well as a national and local charity, we are featuring BOS since a while now.

However, the palm oil issue, deforestation and orangutans is only one part of the picture. The more I have been digging the more and found an amazing variety of charities, and they all do great stuff... so where to focus?

Now I decided to feature the main players in the charity right hand menu and give you a brief overview of what they are doing.

Please have a look and consider donating to the ones you feel connected to most. And if you ever would want to do a charity event, I am happy to help you organise it.

Additionally I have extended the Health section adding 'Bupa great North run'. A friend is running it this year so please consider sponsoring him, too.

I am hoping that the approach of featuring several charities so everybody can get inspired by their work and then take a pick, rather then just focusing on one will prove successful.

Will keep you updated!

IL having Impact

IL gaining an impact in an unexpected way. This concept of fund-raising via sponsored events is not known - or at least not well known - in Germany. More than 8 years ago when I left Germany there were no events of this kind.

However I know that local sport clubs organise challenging events like Aqua-jogging in a lake and so on which would be perfectly suitable for fund-raising. It's just not in the German culture to ask for money.

Now that I have started my fund-raising campaign in Germany for the second year and this time not just on my own, but as a team, this concept is gathering friends abroad. The on-line sponsoring takes the smell of 'begging' out of it and I get a rather good response from this group of sponsors.

On top of that we will have visitors at the Race for Life to witness how it's done - well, and I'm over the moon as it is my mum and her husband. They are involved in several sport groups some of them working on community level and if this contact would spark a flame that jumps across the Channel... That would be just brilliant!

Race for Life - Cancer Research UK

It all started out with my attendance at Race for Life 2007 which I did a bit out of a bad conscience.

A lot of people were doing charity work and I was indulging in my self improvement project and didn't do a thing.

In the end it turned out that doing Race for Life has given me so much more than I probably have given them.

Since then it was my wish to stay involved with Race for Life and Cancer Research UK. It just is a charity which personally is close to my heart.

Mischief and Charity

However, since we started organising ourselves in the Ipswich area and meeting up for dinners and planning some mischief, I was contemplating the idea of 'planning mischief for a good cause' and to probably do that for a local charity.

Other Charities

If you have a charity which is close to your heart and of which you think it would be a good match with the Incredible Ladies, please let me know.

Our Sponsors

As I said before: There are so many charities which all deserve their share. but we only know 'So many' people, and they only can give 'So much' money. So we have to manage our sponsor base carefully, and we have to be careful not to annoy the people who are helping us to raise the funds.

That means that we have to choose the events carefully, while nevertheless doing the stuff we really like doing.

Race for Life - Three years on: How to Charity?!

Although the 2009 Race for Life season was as much fun as usual I feel that we have to re-think our approach to charity, and on discussing the matter I found an open mind with the ladies.

Thing is: We did it twice now, everybody knows that we can do it, and 5k (3miles) is not considered a worthy challenge anymore by many sponsors.


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