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Raw Wildlife Encounters

Newsletter, January 2010

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Raw Wildlife Encounters specialises in providing their clients with an intimate experience in regions of great conservation significance, ensuring a truly unique and raw wildlife adventure. They aim to immerse their guests in experiences and environments that are distinctive, challenging and ultimately memorable.

As experienced zookeepers and conservationists, the staff have developed Raw Wildlife Encounters to provide you with an exclusive and personalized insight into the rare and endangered animals, indigenous people and environmental issues that threaten the greater Northern Sumatran region. They aim to provide an adventure of great personal fulfilment that will capture life-long memories and friendships.

The exclusive 12-day guided itinerary will provide you with some unforgettable experiences, culminating in a four day elephant patrolling trek. You will help survey the jungle for signs of the parks resident wildlife (which includes Elephants, Orangutans, Tigers and much more) whilst completing important patrolling surveys.

Raw Wildlife Encounters has a strong ethical commitment to the conservation of natural resources. They are committed to protecting ecosystems that are of great conservation significance. Therefore, a small group of 6 people per tour is the limitation. Responsible travel in sensitive ecosystems will ensure it is protected for years to come, with leaving only a small footprint.

You can be guaranteed that a percentage of your tour costs will go directly to a conservation and community levy and see first-hand what they are doing on ground to help the local communities develop sustainable practices. This ‘green’ adventure is only available throughout certain times of the year.

Contact: for more information on how you can join this exclusive adventure. Or visit our website

Next Available Tour:
May 4th – 15th 2010
A$4080 incl taxes
ex flights, insurance and visa

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