Cosmic Gypsies


I spent many years writing (hundreds of songs) and performing music, local gigs, Glastonbury, a few gigs in Europe etc.

I play lots of instruments (none till I was 29) but sax is my favourite, I did a recording with Alison Moyet, played many gigs with The Gerry Colvin Inexperience and have recorded a very stylish (if i may say so myself) late night listening sexy sax album.

Then about 5/6 years ago I just bought paints and started to paint, ...

I write poetry.

I also make "arty" mirrors using stained glass and lead.

And the last 18 months I have being compiling difficult cryptic crosswords ( book coming soon) .

... then sculpt.

In December I bought my first digital camera..... love it! So as you can see I am a very lucky man who does what he wants when he wants (within reason).

I am self-taught in all fields and believe most of us can do anything we put our minds to, hence the poem.


Here is a link to an excellent free cryptic crossword site organised by Alberich a professional crossword compiler who has written for lots of publications including the Times Listener. My pen name is Mysti and my contributions can be found in the "GUEST" section.

You can find me as well at MySpace where you can listen to some of the tracks which are on the CD mentioned above. I'm supporting the IL-Race for Life team in donating half the profit of each CD sold via this chanel. Please get in touch with Rika ( to get more info and register your interest.


Mick x

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Author: Rika