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Featured on BOUNCE radio

I was featured on BOUNCE Radio which is a quite big US radio station ... They played 3 songs from the CD , I recited a poem and I spoke about creativity all in all I was on there for 45 minutes and "Race For Life" got a good mention ...

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FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES was set up to highlight the relationship between war and famine. The song called "What's the Point" is sung by my then seven year old daughter Kate it is about this relationship between war and famine and was written 20 odd years ago when I saw images of starving children in war torn SUDAN.

The song is applicable to all wars and is still applicable now ...We should be fighting poverty and famine not wars. If you agree with my thoughts please play the song as OFTEN as you can ... Lets see how many people "sign" this musical petition against WAR and WANT. Feel free to post comments, images, symbols of peace, links to anything that would be of interest to peace loving progressive people. Please tell ALL your Myspace friends about it. Don’t forgot to befriend FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES. LOVE, PEACE AND COSMIC CUDDLES TO ALL. the link is below just copy it and PASS IT ON to all your friends. :- http://www.myspace.com/sevenyearsold .... TOGETHER WE MAY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

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