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That is big!

Smelly Goat Moth caterpillar - Weidenborer Raupe

This impressive beast was found in a garden caffee in Germany.
It did not smell though, it might have had a shower that morning.

By: Rika


Vinny R.I.P. August 2010

By: Rika

Week 31

At least he has a tan

This beauty was sitting on my car window attempting to escape the photo opportunity. See, pix like those clearly indicate that I need the new iPhone at one point, the old one is just not doing any justice to the bug!

Week 30

26 Years and 26 Roses

By: Rika

Week 29

Travel Bug

By: Rika

Ipswich Waterfront

Week 26

Time Warp

By: Detlef

Carousel at the BT Family Fun Day at Adastral Park

Week 25

Cute Garden Visitor

by Detlef

This little Goldfinch usually only comes on very hot days for a drink,
meaning almost never since I live in England

But now he obviously was attracted by the many seeds in my
unkempt wildlife garden and stayed for quite a while.

Week 24

Another flirt with the camera!

by Babul

Photoshoot June 2010

Week 23

Flirt with the camera!

by Matt Fidler

Week 22

Where is this little Sand Martin killer!

Cute, though!
And likely with family, too...

Chance shot by Matt Fidler while taking photos of Sand Martins

Week 21

One happy gal!

Woodbridge, Tide Mill with Graham's Yamaha

By: Graham Meakin

Week 20

One happy cat ready to ship!

Felix (2002, RIP) was our second cat
Apparently all a cat needs to be happy is some sort of box.

Week 19

Darn... it's wrapped!

By: Detlef

Week 18

Two babies need a lot of fuel

By: Detlef

week 17

Rajang and I

By: Detlef

Week 16

A Normal School Day

Baby Orangutans learning how 'To Orangutan'
By: Jessica McKelson

Week 15

My Challenge for 2011

A good year to approve on the above form before showing off on stage!

By: ChrisW

Week 14

My Challenge for 2011

This year I will go to spy, learn and make contacts
Next year I will be on stage!

Week 13

How to make from one cat two!

Comb vigorously

By Detlef

Week 12

Happy Birthday!

By Rika

Hubby wanted cakes for his B-Day, and cakes he got!
No, idea why cheese cakes always have to crack,
didn't take anythging away from the yummieness, though!

Week 11

Best Cappuccino ever!

By Rika

Luciano Franchi
Caffe Vergnano 1882

Week 10

Straight into the pocket

By Detlef

Taken with an iPhone. Not to bad, eh?

Week 9

Eagle greeting - my favorite moments

By Cynthia Ong

Global citizen, LEAP founder & executive director,
yogi, kick-boxer & workaholic extraordinaire

Week 8


By Rika

Week 7

The culprit comes back!

This was the last second in the life of the goldfish
when escape would have been possible.
Apparently the pond was not empty the week before
it is now, though!

By Rika

Week 6

This bite is bigger than he can chew!

This apparently wasn't the first time the heron visited our garden.
The pond is emptied now.
Bon appetit!

By Detlef

Week 5

Nope, he's real!

No idea how he got there, though.

By Rika

Week 4

How to drive out the winter blues
Buy some nice flowers

By Rika

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Week 03

How to drive out the winter blues
Go for holidays!

Courtesy of BBC Weather

Week 02

Little Nita

It's true! You are what you eat. Ever seen a coconut eat a coconut?

via Twitter

Week 01

Looking for summer

Calamondin Oranges in my conservatory contemplating winter.

by: Rika

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Copyright 2007
Author: Rika