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The Village of Newbourne - Suffolk

Newbourne is a picturesque little village located in the triangle between Ipswich, Woodbridge and Felixstowe and it has a wealth of businesses to offer. However there are two of them which I particularly like and which I didn't find in the directory. So here they are:

The egg farm where Grampy's Girls live

The cutest little farm shop

Mike's Egg - Farm

I get my eggs from Mike's egg farm. When we moved here I started driving through the area to get to know where we had ended up. So I came through lovely Newbourne just a bit east of Ipswich. Loveliest countryside, one lane roads and friendly people greeting each other when waiting in the passing areas. Somewhere in the middle is a cute purple cottage and behind the lush greeneries and the gate you will find the eggs.

A little stand with eggs piled up and a 'trust box' to put the money in. The dozen for £1.80 - sizes as they come.

The chickens seem to prefer the socialising in the sand bath to strolling on the lawns. They have a huge area to run and play on, a bit of which you can see in the background.

Only a few of them take advantage of it and most of them are hanging out in the barn anyway...

... from where I got this little lady to cuddle.

Mike is happy to meet his customers and always has a 'chicken story' to tell. Gosh, recently they had a fox!

Apparently it needs sophisticated equipment to keep the hens happy.

Hmm, he wouldn't let me get away without paying...

...the price is really fair, though!

The eggs taste really nice and are absolutely fresh - and they taste even nicer when you know the hen by name - so to say!

Recently a bit of concrete DIY was undertaken to accommodate the lorry for egg pick-up , and as usual there is always one...

... telling you: Chickens are funny creatures. Stubbornly nosey they always find a way out and causing all sorts of trouble, but they are just that tad bit to silly to find their way back in.

But they are adorable in a way; the feathers are so soft and to listen to their chattering always makes me laugh. They seem to be so serious about their business.

Well, and last time I got lucky: I got a double yolk egg as a special treat!

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Author: Rika