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Cute - Polar bear movies

This is the story about a little polar bear born in a German Zoo. Thus the voice over is in German and hence me explaining.

Flocke (Flake) is now 15kg (2 1/2 stone) and is exploring her environment. When she got into the outdoor area for the first time she was so excited and ripped out the whole patch of lawn and was allowed to keep it, she is learning how to swim and has to get used to the transport box. On 9th April she is allowed into the big Zoo area to be introduced to the public.

Another movie shows her having her first bath a bit earlier, she still fitted a bucket. Apparently she was a bit smelly then ;)

A third polar bear movie is showing Knut her predecessor. He became more famous than human movie stars and now he is supposed to become one himself. This trailer explains that the movie will show three bears living under different conditions. Knut in the Zoo, a wild polar bear family and a wild brown bear family.

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