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Article about vanishing emails

Dear Ipswich Ladies,

I am about to organise a few things and would like to know whether or not you will be attending. Could you please send me an email ( to let me know, so that I can finalise plans and can confirm back to you:

Fashion Show

12 June, 6:30 PM (Thursday)

Seckford Hall,

Be quick with the tickets, only around 30 left over.

Nicky and Sue owners of the combined boutiques nyx and Holly Blue are organising a fashion show taking place during Seckford Hall's golf week.

I love their stuff, they already have done several fashion shows, and I haven't seen any of them. That's not good, is it?

Tickets cost £10 and can be obtained either at 'nyx and Holly Blue' or at Seckford Hall. Well, or you let me know ( and I get them for you!

As you can see I already go my ticket, and here are already a few of you who showed an interest.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing you there!

29th April 08

My Dear Ladies,

As I still have problems to get emails through to Yahoo and AOL users I created this space where I will upload short notice stuff any time it is necessary.

One time Imola looked at me like a ghost when I showed up at her doorstep because she didn't get my confirmation which then eventually bounced 4 days later.

So I thought I'd put everything you need to know quickly into this space, and then will send you an SMS saying that something new is on :) So if you would like to get this kind of SMS - so far basically the Ipswich Ladies will benefit from this feature to receive details of our events - please send me your mobile numbers.

In the long run we might even have an RSS feed so that you only will have to open you browser and there it is!

Hope you are all well and up and running!



PS: The link for the mail corner is the IL-logo on the top right hand menu.

31st March 08

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