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Comment on From Fluff to Buff - The Sequel

6th February 2008

by: Rika

Brilliant, excited, wonderful...

I'm back from my holidays and it was the best thing to not having to bother. Only hiccup: I did the laser treatment a bit too late to be perfect for the holidays - it was after one and a half weeks that I still had some black spots, and now after almost 3 weeks it's still not all buff.

However, parts of that may be due to previous waxing so there might have been more ingrowns and short hair than otherwise. And ... the spots are not 'that' prominent. I might not recommend to do it that short notice for your honeymoon or a trip with friendly bitches, but in my case ... I shared a room with mum. I guess you are catching my drift.

People at the beach or in the street wouldn't notice anything. All they may have noticed was that I am the palest sheet under this sun. Gosh, on my way back I met a lovely girl from Oslo, now living in Newcastle, who was more tanned than I am. Not getting horribly sunburned was more of my concern than the one or the other mini shadow.

The verdict so far: Definitely recommendable!

PS: And I did fill the freed up weight with some shopping. I gained 2kg, my suitcase four. See my report next week!

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Comment on From Fluff to Buff - The Sequel

20th January 2008

by: Rika

Funny thing that! Although it looked rough due to the black spots it felt really smooth. That gave some hope for starters.

After 4 days the skin in the areas where the hair was particularly coarse started flaking a bit. Basically a bit like dandruff and with that the first spots came off.

On day 5 I used exfoliating bath scrub for the first time and it got even smoother, although still looking a bit odd. And then it really took off. Where the hair is coarse it can be pulled out with tweezers, that's when I found that a few of them are still alive, on the legs it is just fading away - rubbing off on the clothes anyway.

It probably could have gone even better if I hadn't had the waxing before. That way I had hair of different length still underneath the skin surface. Hence the ones that are still alive. Well, and there are a few blond ones - no idea why one has to have those... NO, they ARE blond... OK, I found a few grew ones as well - they fell victim to tweezers.

So I made it: I won't take shaving stuff. I will shave at home and everything that grows back is blondish and not really visible within one week.

And then I'm REALLY keen to see how far the laser can get those down and what the next session will bring.

But so far: Success!

Will keep you posted...

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Comment on From Fluff to Buff

26th December 2007

by: Rika

Update on Waxing

Well, initially I wanted to wait with a further comment until the 3 waxing sessions are over, but I think I already came to a conclusion, now that the 2nd session has been done.

For starters: The waxing sessions are just fine, Bikini line is still a bit ouch, but the second time round the skin was less itchy and the knowledge about what to expect definitely does help. It is as if it releases tension from the skin and the hair is released easier. Additionally I got me some Aloe Vera gel what helps soothing. So on the 2nd day after treatment the skin was spotless.

The Verdict

+ I love the smoothness. There is no shaving that comes close to it. With dark hair and fair skin eventually all the shadows are gone: Definitely want that!
+ I love the not having to bother. I now realise how much time I need for shaving. Definitely want that!
+ It is not as expensive as I would have thought. £25 (legs and bikini) every 6 weeks seems ok to me.

- It is said that one has 3 weeks of smooth bliss. Well, it might be just me, but after 2 weeks I get the first shadows and some ingrowth, especially on the bikini line. So for me it's:
  • 2 weeks of bliss,
  • 1 week during which I just get away with it in the open,
  • 1 week during which hubby still gets to see me, and then
  • 2 weeks of fur ball horror.

I expect that further sessions might make the hair look more faint, so that the 'hubby gets to see me' phase will extend towards the end of the 6 weeks, but given that I do a lot of sport, hang around in changing rooms - see comment below - and like to go to the steam room after work-outs: I don't think that's gonna work for me!

However, I'm sure that waxing is perfect for people who are more fair haired and probably have less than me anyway, and who don't have their lifestyle preference on sport, or sport where one tends to expose those particular body parts.

It is definitley worthwhile to time it for holidays or special occasions. I'm looking forward to my smooth legs on the beach - YaY!

But definitely look for an experienced waxer. The more broken hair the higher the risk of ingrowth especially around the bikini line (for some reason hair is particularly stubborn there, hence the more 'ouch!').

Further Plans

I'm determined now to explore the laser treatment option. Definitely not cheap, definitely not painless! However, I read a bit about it and found that I may be a perfect candidate. The bigger the contrast between skin and hair colour the better the results. Not working at all on grey! So I should hurry to find out before it's too late. Ladies, I'm telling ya, old age is trying hard to catch up on me. Well, so far I could out-smart it!

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Comment on From Fluff to Buff

14th November 2007

by: Rika

I think I have a reputation now.

The other day in gym changing room I had completely forgotten that my legs weren't suitable for showing off and changed into my sports gear while chatting with some of the ladies.

And then it happened: This distracted glaze in her eyes and this split second of embarrassing silence hanging in the room. The one that feels like slow motion and while you realise what just happened, the world starts turning again. This is the moment when you know that now you have a reputation and you can't do anything about it because it's unwritten law not to touch that subject, or it will become worse. This moment where everything that you would say turned into nothing but a sad excuse however true it might be.

My new reputation is, to be living proof for the cliche that Germans are hairy!

So here is my apologies to all the German ladies: In this respect the 'fluff to buff' experiment backfired.

Now the waxing experience: Well, Kelly is really good in giggling all the embarrassment away and we had a chat about this and that while she did her bit.

Legs were fine and not really painful, bikini zone: well, yeah! But it was so quick and the pain doesn't stay for long, so bearable. Nothing one would avoid because of the pain.

Result? Definitely have waxing done 2-3 days before an event. Some may heal better than I do, but on the legs I had red spots for 2 more days and bikini zone I would say I'm still not looking smooth and it's 4 days now. But I have very fair skin what definitely doesn't help. So I'm really considering to go for a laser treatment one day. At least it feels smooth and the legs are brilliant now as no black dots showing anymore so eventually I have something close to an English rose complexion. Now I will have to wait to see how they grow back.

Gosh, this is more of a project than I would have thought. But what a girl gotta do, a girl gotta do!

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