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Project Rika - The Photo Therapy

This is what I call my 360° mirror. When I was younger I liked to have my pictures taken, but I noticed that that had changed. Pictures became rare and I usually didn't like them. It turns out that these are the ones most useful for therapy. They do the job of a mirror that shows your behind in bright light which one usually only gets a glimpse of in the fitting rooms of shops. Which consequently are avoided to visit, what reduces the wardrobe to some rags. Things just had to change!

2002 - 2004

From Where I'm Coming....

Casual in summer 2002

These jeans are getting rather tight.

Party November 2002

Black as easiest option although not really slimming

DIY - Building a BBQ in spring 2003.

Oh well, that's fair enough! But the jeans are the next size.

Oh Oh...
Summer 2003 - Building a new aviary

40°C and hard work made me a 'wee' bit careless in my dress code.

Fall 2002

Just found these pictures. I actually wanted to keep these trousers (made them myself) until I would have found a replacement.

Spring 2004

Same trousers. They are still the best ones I have. Why on earth did I have to spoil my goddaughter's confirmation pictures with this outfit?

Oh, they so much have to go right now!

Summer 2004

... Getting Fed Up ...

What a Contrast!

In summer 2004 my gorgeous 14 year old goddaughter came to visit. We went shopping for her and didn't find anything for me. That night we had booked a table in a nice restaurant and I was wearing yet another one of my trouser creations. I was completely outshone by her, what is fair enough given her age and the length of her legs. However, there was no need for me to look drab, but nevertheless I did.

At least my hair got longer already. And I started to notice that something has to change. Going shopping with her opened my eyes to a world I was horribly jealous of.  And then about half a year later, just when I was lower than down after a summer of nothing nice to wear, the third series of 'What not to Wear' started.

Autumn 2004

... And Where I'm Going ...

At least the hair is starting to take shape
And I dare wearing bigger jewellery

Still a bit frumpy, but I only own one skirt and I was boots shopping in the morning. So I had to wear it.

The shirt is new and I liked the colours and the style. But unfortunately I bought it before I did this photo session. I forgot the rule: 'Don't let fabric end where you are the fattest'. And my forearms look huge in these 3/4 sleeves. Actually I'm not quite sure what would look good. Long sleeves point to my saddle bags and overly long sleeves make me look like a monkey.

This shirt is additionally unfortunate because the stripes go through into the arms. Makes me look very square. I like myself best without sleeves. Probably I should try things where they have a different pattern than the body, or at least don't have horizontal stripes.

Hmmm, I seem to have a thing going for horizontal stripes anyway. Well, this photo thing turns out to be a better therapy than I thought. Hurtful but effective.

2005 - 2006

... And There I Am!

May 2006

Spring 2006

BTW: This is the top with which it all started. I liked it so much, but it looked very bad without a bra. I bought anyway and then got my first bra. Enthusiastically I decided to treat me to a hair dresser visit. I was too early for the appointment, went into a bookstore for a coffee and found the 3rd T&S book.

The rest is history!

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