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This is all about how Aloe Vera is produced.

A sleeping Aloe Vera Field

Our fabrication plant is located right in the middle of the Aloe Vera fields. So the produce of our fields goes straight into the production line where in a sensible process the pure Aloe Vera juice is extracted which then will be used to create our great products.

There are many holiday bus tours which during a Fuerteventura island round trip visit the farm. So please come and visit, learn about how Aloe Vera is produced, try the products, and see the pride we take in our business. If you like, get your own plant for a bit of home made remedy.

How to get the juice from the plant

The Aloe Vera plant belongs to the lily family as do onions. So they grow in a similar way and they smell a bit similar, too. However, Aloe Vera smells very faint and vanishes very quickly into the air.

New leaves grow in the middle and they stay untouched in the process since the plant will recover from there. The oldest (lowest) ring of leaves is left for the plant to draw energy from. They will fade away after a while. The leaves to harvest come from the 2nd layer.

Cut a leave from the second layer so that the plant can use the lowest layer as nutrition. Don't remove when it turns yellow, only when it is entirely dried up.

There is a yellow liquid right under the skin. This is not dangerous but can cause upset tummy when ingested and it does not have a medicinal value. Some of the islanders eat Aloe Vera as it comes from the plant and are not bothered by this substance, but they got used to it slowly. So we want to get rid of it. Keep the leave upright overnight to let it drain.

When you filet the leave the flesh looks like a slippery very clear ice cube. This is basically the finished product. You can blend it and add a bit of lemon juice or Vit C as preservative to keep it a bit longer in the fridge.

And that is basically how we do it!

Have a look what else we produce from this magical plant and visit our product page!

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