The First Step of the Leap

The day is February 14th 2010: It is Valentines day, the Chinese New Year and Sandra's birthday and I eventually have finished the first step of the leap into Incredible Ladies new future.

Now it will show if lack of feedback was due to lack of facility of lack of quality. Today I have finished setting up the new blog for the IL columns. All 56 of them are now residing on In their new home they will be exposed to comments of praise and criticism and I will have to learn from that.

Additionally I found the first new contributor. See, that is the plan: To interlink blogs as long as the authors feel associated with IL and want to contribute to the project. If you are writing or want to write fiction or poems, about pets, children, food, hobbies, or whatever else you might be interested in then I am happy to help you set up a blog of your own and to show you how to publish there. Then we will link between IL and your blog back and forth and then visitors can browse through the whole series of blogs as if it were one big site.

Our first new contributor is Detlef with a blog called 'Unravel the Web - A Geek-Free Blog About the Internet'.

This blog linking experience will again add to my learning curve, until at one point I will know enough and hopefully be able to build one integrated site in which everybody can have a share in. Thing is: Blogs these days are really comfortable to set up, but there are certain things and facilities which cannot be controlled - and me being a control freak, don't like that. Hence I will have to do it myself some day. But until then I think this is a great idea to try out stuff.

So! All it needs now is your comments and your will to contribute.

I hope you will have fun with the new approach - enjoy the ride into IL's new future!

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