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- 2nd May 2007 -

I would like to see Incredible Ladies as an enterprise and not just as a web site - A movement that reaches women of all ages across the planet. In the intro I said this is the place to dream. Here's what I am dreaming about.

I started changing my lifestyle a few years ago and from these beginnings to the Incredible Ladies website I have come quite a way. I don’t want it to stop there. I want to develop this site into a platform that caters for your needs for the things you care for. So I will depend on your feedback to find out what that is and then we will see where you will lead me.

Incredible Ladies will always be a lifestyle guide, because only if we have found freedom for ourselves we will be able to find the space to care for other things like charity or environment. For starters I would like to link Incredible Ladies to ‘Race for Life’. It is the first time that I will join in this year’s 2007 race. But in the future I would like to see Incredible Ladies teams running all over England.

I would like to see Incredible Ladies evolve into a brand. I would like to see that women recognise each other as members of a community. If we were lots of well informed, engaged people we can achieve anything we want - for ourselves, for our families and friends, the environment,... for everything!

So ladies, let’s get started!

First things first. Let’s get the hang of the nitty gritty bits in our lives. Let’s get fit, let’s get a good life balance, let’s think about what we want to achieve in the future, and let’s not waste the time span we have left over. We can do incredible things if we put our minds to it. We only have to DO it!

Have a look in the 'Site Diary' from time to time, and let me know about your dreams. And I will keep you informed about what I’m up to next.

Ladies, start pulling your own strings!

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