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Book Exchange

I talked with a friend the other day and we found that we both hate to throw away books, while on the other hand they are piling up in some corner of the house. So I came up with an idea:

As we are meeting once a month we could use the opportunity and exchange books.

I have the guest room where the kids can play - given that you promise not to swamp my house with lorry loads full of books - I can pile them up there and you could browse through them and choose from what's on offer. If some of them should turn out to be shelf warmers or we have more than one copy I would bring them to the charity shop across the street.

And - only if you are interested and really would like to do so, no strings attached - you could write brief reviews which I could pop on the site.

I think I might have a few tear-jerkers and crime stories on offer. So if you think that's a good idea, then bring some books to the next Afternoon Tea


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Book Exchange

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