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Mischief Planned and Achieved

Please let me know if you are interested
and if you have any suggestions
so that I can go ahead and finalise details.

Trip to the

Norwich Half Marathon

30th November

To cheer on Imola and get inspired by the fantastic atmosphere created by around 2000 people running their hearts out.

Let me know ( if you want to come and if you need a lift. I will be leaving from Ipswich at around 9AM or so - whatever the weather.

One might want to consider a bit of shopping and some dining afterwards...

The Mall


I'm not very familiar with Norwich, so any ideas welcome!

Ideas and Comments welcome!

If there is something you wanted to do since a while, but never got round to it: Let us know - we can do it together!

Trip to Cambridge

some Saturday or Sunday end November

Some (Christmas) shopping and browsing

I can do Cambridge very well now since I have been driving there again since the Race for Life trip. So I thought we should go together. I can give a lift to three people comfortably, if we should become more we will have to find another driver.

This is to hang out and do whatever we like.

Trip to London

some Saturday or Sunday in January

Trip to London with a nice meal and visit of some 'cultural something'

Nicole is planning to move back to London in the near future and suggested to pay her a visit. If we plan the train trip well that doesn't have to cost a fortune and she knows some good and inexpensive Thai and Chinese restaurants.

Additionally she has some friends she would like us to meet. This could be a great opportunity to have the Incredible Ladies spreading to London on a face-to-face basis.

Well and for the cultural bit we will be thinking of something - if you would have an idea let me know:


Try out sport sessions

Something with music

Belly-dancing, Flamenco, Urban dance, Indian dance

If you know somebody who teaches, please let me know!

Cooking Classes

Instead of going into expensive restaurants too often we should use our resources of national colours and teach each other some styles of cooking.

Idea: A few who like to learn and have the time will do the cooking - the others who prefer to just eat and meet come later when the food is ready. The cost for the indents we share. This way we don't overcrowd the kitchen and ladies who don't particularly like the task of cooking won't be left out. And we need victims anyway!

Visiting a play

Please let me know in what play you would be interested

Visiting a museum

Motoko is doing voluntary work at Tate Modern and has a background in history of Arts. She would be able to give us some help in this. Just let me know if you were generally interested so that I can check with her for details.

Visiting a concert

For example when Tuesdai has a gig. or whatever else you like.

Further ideas for the summer:

Please let me know if you are interested in any of the below, so that I can start making it happen.

Going to the movies:

anything interestin on?

Go Ape! at Thetford Forest:

I always wanted to do that, but hubby has a bit of vertigo and even thinking of me doing it makes him feel nauseous. If we would do this, I will get him some sea sick pills and then sneak out of the house.

What about making this a mother/daughtert experience? Bring the youngsters and do this together! Some time in May?

Incredible Ladies Charity Sky Dive:

Although definitely not for me - no, never ever - Lisa would be the woman to talk to. She did it before and is keen to do it again. I would be happy to help organising, filming, supporting, .... , but please not jumping - Argh!

Visit to Suffolk Owl Sanctuary - Stoneham Barns, Aspal:

If I recall that right there is a big coffee place and some other shops like pottery and so on, plus a Mini Golf next to it. The Owl Sanctuary is not just owls but birds of prey in general. They have a bird of prey zoo and do shows where they let the birds fly and explain stuff. We could organise that as a families day out,...

Sunday Morning - Next Generation Party

A lot of us already are members of Next Generation anyway. If the others would agree to buy guest passes (will have to see if we can get a deal - standard pass is £14 for adults, children half and little children nothing - have to check that) then we could start it as a ladies giggly, swimming, whirlpool, steamroom event, moving on to some coffees, and then the hubbies could join with the kids (if we want them to ;) for lunch. Well, it's day passes, we then could take it from there...gym, racket sport, swimming again, chatting and moving on to afternoon tea :) whatever you like ...

Probably for next autumn?

Pampering Spa experience - Location needed

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