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Training Club Diary

Well, things are developing!

Summer 2008

Sundays 7:30AM (8AM the latest)



- cross country -

meeting at my house in Ipswich

Send me an email ( so that I can send you the address and my details .

If you are late, please txt or call to wait for you otherwise we will be gone.

Weight Training


Next Generations

twice a week (Thu, Fri)

from 7:30PM

If you are interested, get in touch via (
or meet me at NG club.

Running and Reviewing - 26th/27th /28th April

OK Ladies: Now we are on!

I had a very demanding/weird training weekend and survived - and it was fun.

Saturday 8AM: running with Imola

Very slow start. This time I really held her back. Breathless I had to take three breaks during the 5km, still dealing with the leftovers of this silly cold. However, the weather was just lovely and 8AM is really the latest, one will want to get out and about. A bit later and it already can get rather hot.

Good thing was that the run eventually helped to clear the lungs. So I experienced now what Imola had predicted: When you feel that the infection phase is over, then gentle exercise helps to clear up the debris faster.

After a shower off I went to ...

Saturday 10:30AM: Boxing Taster session, Fitness Unit

Brilliant experience! Have a look at the review in the Fitness Section.

This course of 10 weeks has now started and because of the technical challenge it is difficult to take new people into it at a later stage. However, Darren is very flexible. We could arrange for a one off, or a regular small group private tuition and share the fee and if you like it, we then could go ahead together in the next course he will set up.

Please let me know if you are interested. I'm happy to get that sorted.

Sunday 7:45AM: 5km cross country running

I did it! After that Saturday programme - I did it, and it was good. Much better than the run on Saturday. So apparently it was the leftovers of the cold that held me back. What I needed to know was if the leg muscles which had the bad cramp about 5 weeks ago would hold, and they did. That's why I'm announcing now:

We are on!

Sundays 7:30 - ish AM

Running through the fields.

It was just lovely. And again, it was fresh at the beginning, but on my way back there were a few drops of rain which I actually appreciated. It is getting warm very quickly now and it's just nicer to get out early when the air is still fresh and unpolluted.

So join in whenever you feel like it!

Monday 7:00 PM: Kickboxing Taster session, Fitness Unit

Hmmm... good workout, but I don't think it's for me. Have a look at the review in the Fitness section.

However, if you were interested I'm happy to make the contacts for you and to bring it all together.

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Running - 20th April

I have to admit: I'm a wimp. It was raining, and I felt that either I was about to get a new cold - what turned out to be the right guess in the end - or hayfever had kicked in.

So I called it off, right in time AFTER Claire had braced herself. My apologies to her that I stopped her in her tracks. I knew she is an early bird, but she seems to be an even earlier bird!

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NG - 17th April 2008

I'm training together with Claire at Next Generation Club, Ipswich now. She only did light weights before, according to the program she was given during gym induction. After about half a year of following this routine we got acquainted, and since late autumn 2007 we are training together following my own programme.

In the meantime we became friends and her husband hooked up with my hubby. Seeing her progress was too much of an inspiration to him. It will be interesting to see how they will develop. It is a sweet competition between the two and so far Clair is holding pole position in every exercise.

I hope to convince her soon to allow me to take some photos to post and to give me a few of her old ones. She is changing so quickly now that I will have to hurry to document her progress.

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