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The aim of this site to create a place for a friendly community to share information and support. However, in the Ipswich UK area I would like to carry this a bit further and would like to meet you in person. I would like to found a training club where we can do our sport together and give each other advice and support over a cup of coffee or tea. I'm not a personal trainer, although I'm thinking about becoming one. In summer I would like to go back school to make a fitness trainer certificate, but that still would only be the first step to a personal trainer licence.

Nevertheless, I think I know quite a bit about training successfully and safely, and if you would like to join me in my training you are very welcome. I’m working out at Next Generation Club - The Havens in Ipswich, and I hope to get to know a lot of you - and for you to get to know each other. It would be great if this initiative would help you to find training partner who encourage you when you are down and help you to find your way back after periods of chocolate binges or lack of exercise. We all need those friends and I see so many women (and men) working out alone and after a while they are gone not to be seen again.

And I would like to publish my and your experience in the 'TC - Diary' section. Please drop me a line using on Tell me about your experience in exercising together/alone, with a personal trainer, the progress (hopefully) for health and shape and whatever else might be on your mind in that respect.

If you are not a member of the Next Generation Club drop me a line anyway. I will get in touch with you!

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