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Incredible Ladies to Cover The World

Well, still a bit to go. However, given that we only exist since October 2007 we are a rather colourful bunch of people covering 11 countries, and we want to become even more colourful by covering even more, and we need support for the ladies who already are holding the flag up for their country.

Actually we want to become a strong and sustainable world of


Please have a look at our Mischief section and the 'Afternoon Tea' page to see if you find something that catches your eye.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you!

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Well and if you are not from Ipswich UK - however, like the site and what we are doing, and if you even might have a mischief gang in the area where you live in: Let me know!

I would like to feature you on this map as well. So drop me a line on

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