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19th March 2008

by: Rika

Last Saturday I had a brilliant running session with Imola. We did half of it as Fitness Training as suggested in the article.

The first 2500 m were normal running, which for me already is endurance training while for Imola it is just a nice warm-up. And then came the interesting bit.

Imola sneakily asked if I were fine with a bit of interval training - well, she had promised me to take me through a vigorous training for Race for Life - and she kept it!

That is how it goes:

You agree on a starting point - like a lamp post, and an end point - like the third lamp post from that. Something that is not too far and that you can see. And then you run as fast as you can, imagine the devil and the riders of the apocalypse were after you. By the time you reach the end point you should feel a bit like dying - if you don't you have either chosen your end point too close, or you haven't been running fast enough.

On the 2 1/2 km lap we did 5 of those sprints.

On the first one I was really, really fast and I could impress Imola. I heard her mumbling behind me. Probably something like: stupid cow, pretending not to be able to run.

Well, I am strong and as the article points out. That works well for sprinters. And - kidding aside - I really wanted to see where I'm standing in this kind of training, and it was a great chance to get an additional boost from doing it with a running partner. So I gave everything I had.

After walking a bit we agreed on the next sprint distance. I was faster again, although she already started to catch up... and I was close to throwing up. OK, now I know where I'm standing!

From the third sprint on I didn't stand a chance. I might have been able to pull through with the legs, but my lungs were just shutting down.

This training had three brilliant instant effects:

Firstly, I felt invigorated rather than knackered, as I usually would do after a 5km run. Despite the rather long periods of walking I felt well worked through, as I got confirmed by the horrendous muscle ache in legs and tummy the next day.

Secondly, I didn't get a headache. I have the problem that my heart rate shoots up quite quickly and stays rather high. After a while the head starts pounding. Although I'm much fitter now than some years ago, so that the heart rate settles down quicker at rest, I often stay with a headache from that. Here it was shooting up briefly, but didn't stay up for a longer period. And my brain thanked for it.

Thirdly, between sprints we could have a bit of a girlie chat, what usually is not really possible for me when I'm running. Basically: If you want me to shut up - make me run.

So yes, I'm very happy with the outcome and will pursue that further!

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