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Why Muscles?

I’ve praised the benefits of having muscles on various occasions already, but as we are getting serious about the exercises now – 450 pictures are waiting to be put into place – I want to wrap this up again and make a little list.

C’mon, I didn’t do one since a while!

There they are: All the benefits of a good muscle corset!

Muscles Reduce Aches of All Sorts

The muscles keep the bones in the place they are supposed to be. Remember these full size skeletons from the biology lessons? Ours was named Otto and the poor thing had to endure quite a bit of teasing. It had the fixing on the neck I believe because the head never really faced up. The whole thing was completely dangly and when we were racing it down the corridor it gave a bad performance arms and legs flying in the wind.

Same thing happens to you when you don’t have good muscles. Your bones might be held by tendons and you have some skin to keep everything together, but still: If you pull or shove on one end the rest gives in because there is nothing to hold against the strain, thus having a bad posture what causes pain.

Muscles Reduce Osteoporosis

Any sport is good for that but weight exercises work best for that purpose. The tendons are the attachments between muscle and bone. They need to pull on the bones a lot to signal the body that strengthening of the bone is needed so that eventually calcium is taken and built into the bone. This becomes increasingly difficult for the body during menopause with estrogen fading. The stronger the muscles and the more regularly they are moved the more the bones get stimulated.

Strong Muscles – Strong Mind

There is an effect for which I don’t have a scientific explanation. Firstly there is the feeling of achievement after working out – but that you will get from any kind of sport. Feeling the success of a good weight training session radiates into daily life, and the more the weight exercises settle into the lifestyle the stronger and more permanent this confidence and trust into the own skills grow.

There is no sport which makes you get to know your body better. To see the improvement beyond everything ever thought possible induces the confidence to do the same in other areas.

Muscles Make Model

If you are small framed you won’t become a Hulk and if you have a strong frame you will never be a gazelle. But muscles are the only things that can bring out the best of what the bone structure is offering.

Your body basically consists of 4 things:





The bones are the stuff you will have to live with.

The fat is the stuff you usually don’t want too much of. While still young it makes the skin look tight and pert, though. Only when it becomes too much it tends to build up in wobbles and loosing fat usually doesn’t happen evenly so that it builds dips and dimples under the skin – which is known as Orange Peel effect. With growing age the skin gives in, loosens up and can’t hold the whole thing together and tight anymore. That’s when the wobbles become increasingly visible.

The skin we will want to have tight. There is no other sport which makes the skin tighten up like weight exercises. When the fat vanishes the skin becomes looser and less pert as the padding is missing. As weight exercises specifically target every single area of the body the effect on the skin is as targeted.  It’s not possible to defy aging completely, but it will help a lot.

Muscle is the only material that sculptures the body and can be allocated to certain areas. Fat comes and goes as and where to it likes. With muscles you have the choice. The term ‘Body Building’ has a bad image since muscle-mountain like people took over the scene. But it’s not a bad description. Probably ‘Body Sculpturing’ would be an even more appropriate term. If you have a problem with bits of your body – all it needs is: Determination, patience and a gym.

Muscles Make Strong

Daily tasks are so much easier. If I need to get something from the loft or out of the shed or garage I just do it. That doesn’t mean that I do that it when hubby is around – I’m not stupid! But if nobody is there to help, then I can help myself. I can carry the shopping without problems and I can carry stuff up the stairs without getting out of breath.

I know how to carry things properly without getting in danger to pull something. And I get things done quicker what saves me time to do the things I really like doing. Altogether: It gives me independence!

Muscles Increase the Metabolic Rate

Muscles are very active fibers. Even when you are sleeping they need more energy to be maintained than any other material. After a training session the body works up to 24 hours to maintain and increase the amount the muscle tissue. That means that you can eat up to 300 calories more per day - every day. With aerobic sport you only burn more calories while doing the sport and shortly after. The fitter you get the less you will burn. So every day you are not exercising you have to cut back on calories. However the muscles you are carrying with you 24/7 burning calories 24/7. That makes life a lot easier when you love food.

From all the above it is easy to tell that for me the whole content of this site – which basically covers all aspects of my life – is grounded on the weight exercises.

Without the training I wouldn’t have found the confidence to start this site, I wouldn’t have changed my diet and I wouldn’t feel more confident since – forever, actually. The first time in my life I can say: Yep, I like what I see in the mirror – even the legs. It’s a bit silly to say at age 46, but: I feel pretty!

Some of the effects you will get from other sport as well. However, there is no sport that works as quickly if you do it right. At my age there is not a lot of time to be lost. I can truly feel that I’m in the middle of peri-menopause already, although the effects became less rather than more in the past year - apparently the healthier lifestyle kicked in.

Nevertheless, after menopause things are different: Weight piles on more easily with metabolic rate going down, skin is not that tight anymore and bones do get brittle.

Sport in general is the best thing to work against these effects, but I I'm not willing to waste my time with exercises which don’t have maximum effect. So for me the one and only sport is: Weights, Weights, Weights!

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