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Indoor Rowing Competition

Sorry, we just didn't find the time to bring us 4 together in one place for the other races.

Incredible Ladies Team for Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Team League

In September 2007, Becky from BT Body Talk Gym at Adastral Park came across the indoor rowing team league competition.

She is now about to bring together several teams to take part in the league events 2007/2008.

Hopefully this will become a regular event, but first we have to see how this one is working out.

The winter season stretches over 5 month from October to February. Each month the teams will have to compete and then submit the results online.

The 'Team League' is basically part of promotion events organised by the suppliers of the rowing machines. The 'Racing' menu of the site lists loads of different events and there is a lot of information about training and how to row correctly as well.

So if you are interested in joining a team please drop me an email. The races will have to take place at Adastral Park Gym as there the right brand of rowing machines is available. But that is not a problem as it is possible to get guest access to the premisses for those occasions.

In this place I will let you know about training progress and race results, and hopefully soon we will have a few pictures as well.

Keeping you posted!

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Round 1 - October 2007

2 x 250m

We did it! And we did well!


Blond Amazon


Faster than the wind!

Only Becky knew all of us, the others hadn't even met once before the race which took place on 5th November at the BodyTalk gym at BT Adastral Park.


The Sober Minded

of the

Two Strong Red Heads

Becky and I had spied a bit on the guys teams and we had a rough idea about what would happen. No strapping in for the feet but two of us clinging to them to avoid lift off of the rower.


Brunette Fighter



But then the actual event took us by surprise - it was a killer! At least I have never been so knackered, and my legs felt like botoxed. But you will be able to see for yourselves: Yes! We have a video!


Headless Chicken


Muscle Power

And you will see how the rowing style went down the drain and brute force kicked in. Despite a list written in big font I never knew the chang over times and couldn't read the display anyway.

However, we did it in 7:45 what is pretty incredible. We are rowing in the group of mixed age called 'Open' where 7 teams are registered worldwide and we are number 5 - well, at least not last. If you were interested in numbers, you can ffind our split times here. Well, the game aint over yet, 4 more rounds to go.

And here is the video as promised:

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Round 2 - 26th November 2007

2 x 500m

Oh my, oh my ...!

First of all: Fiona couldn't make it this time and will take the role of team back up. So please welcome new team member Liz.


Brunette Heroine





And secondly: Kudos to Lisa. She felt poorly the days before and wasn't even sure if she would be able to do it. And she pulled through the race so well!

And what a race it was!

Just to give you an idea - I guess you all had to run at school? Short distance and long distance? Well, the 250m rowing were a little bit like 100m running.

It's an extreme sprint and one might not get the best results with lacking technique, but one will survive and brute force can compensate to an extent. We felt like having been driven to the end of our capabilities - Ha, that was just a faint glimpse of what we were to expect on the 500m.

Who of you ever liked to run the 400m? For me that always was the most dreadful. Still a sprint distance, but actually this little bit too long for a real sprint?! I always was dying on the last 100m.

That is exactly what happens on the 2x500m rowing. The first 500 are fine-ish, one even can catch a wee bit of breath within the 6 minutes of break - but then... on the second one... agony sets in.

The energy gained from the break is just enough for 250m and then the body is beginning to fall apart. In my case it started with the legs, and when leaning back more in a sad attempt to compensate, the back muscles were degrading into pulp.

So yes! We are happy that we did it!

And we did rather well - in 16:30.9 minutes. We lost a bit of time due to crappy change overs, but we don't mind. We know that we kept the actually rowing times around 2mins and below per 500m. What is pretty amazing given that we were as fast as on the 250m average (around 1 minute).

So yes, again! We are getting better!

And here it is: The 2 x 500 on video!

Well, and thirdly: Eventually we remembered to take a team photo. That's what I call focus on the event, we almost forgot to shoot it again. So here it is:

The Incredible Ladies Rowing Team

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Next is the 2 x 1000m! Actually we are not 'really' looking forward to it. It's going to happen before Christmas, so probably in 3 weeks time. Not a lot of time to get fitter. But we will do fine! We owe you a good story and a video, after all.

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