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Rika's New Training Plan - November 2008

I needed a new training schedule. Urgently!

I haven't been training properly in month due to the fact that I was always tired, had a constant muscle ache and fell from one cold into another.

I think it all started to go downhill when on top of the standard weight training four times a week I added running sessions for 'Race for Life'. Before I had done powerwalking more or less regularly, I had been rowing once in a while, but nothing all too regular. But for 'Race for Life I wanted to be good, and I wanted to learn how to box and came across this course which I subscribed to.

And that is when things usually go wrong, not just in sport. Adding something to the standard routine without re-thinking the whole thing sometimes can tip everything over the edge, and all of a sudden the stuff one likes doing so much becomes stress and a nuisance.

I just simply overtrained. Without rest, no performance and the muscles go into strike. Especially when endurance and weight training are not smartly coordinated.

So, as usual when something doesn't feel quite right:

Review Time - Meaning a List!

I want to do:


Four times a week meant that I was training each muscle twice a week. I have a chest/back/arms-day and a legs/ABS/shoulders-day. Monday and Thursday was chest and Tuesday and Friday was legs. Wednesday was free for my work on the website and the weekend for cardio.

That is okay if the cardio is not too overwhelming, but I tried to run on Saturday and Sunday morning, had the boxing after the running on Saturday and went for rowing on Tuesday lunchtime.

Hence the Tuesday leg day was usually crap from being rowing tired, and the Monday was crap from tired altogether and there was no rest anyway.

Now I train weights 3 times per week taking it in turns. That way every muscle group gets trained three times in two weeks.

Week 1

  • Monday chest
  • Tuesday legs
  • Thursday chest

Week 2

  • Monday legs
  • Tuesday chest
  • Thursday legs

This time I still train enough to at least maintain or even build up without having too long breaks which would cause muscle ache every time I touch a weight.

Additionally, the other training which always affect the performance a bit will one week inhibit leg and the other week chest performance. So I at least have one week for each muscle group where I should be able to reach full performance.

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Indoor Rowing

I love rowing so much, it works the whole body and is low impact on the joints and nothing better to gain cardio fitness faster. Although it is a real killer sport. Hence it was always the first one to get skipped when I was not feeling well.

Now I try to row twice a week now on Tuesday lunchtime after I finished work, and on Saturday mornings.

The Tuesday sessions tend to take away some performance from the evening weight training, but since this effects either legs or chest only every other week that is not a real problem anymore.

The Saturday sessions are brilliant now since I have a free day on Friday now. Eventually I can really enjoy the rowing because I am rested and can give it all. So Saturday is my main session while the Tuesday is a top-up if I have the time and feel like it.

The plan is to do the rowing during winter and then from spring on to go running outdoors. That way I can do both - just not at the same time - and I should be pretty fit by June when Race for Life is on.

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Power Walking

Oh what did I miss that. This is mainly for fat burning, calf exercise and as a remedy against varicose veins. I do power walking once a week on Sunday mornings.

The good thing is that after all the other stuff during the week I only have to work out on about 70% of what I actually could do. I briefly heat up for about five minutes and then I just gently sweat along with a long and gentle cool down.

After that, I feel refreshed but not exhausted, I can feel the pounds falling off, and it is not inhibiting a good performance the next day. Well, sometimes a bit if it is the legs day, but not in a way that it is a real problem.

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I'm usually not a friend of stretching, or better: If I only do weights I don't need it because the exercises stretch the muscles as well as flexing them. However, endurance training is different, and mixing weights and endurance is even worse. So I am back to my stretching routine which I developed before I went back to the gym and sometimes couldn't keep myself up from back pain anymore.

I am planning a video on that, but since my last relapse into bad habits I have to get a bit fitter first. Unfortunately this silly camcorder is not working properly in candle light - the only light I should be displayed at the moment when wearing leotards.

So there will be an update on this one.

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That will have to wait until spring. I just have to be honest with myself: I am not a runner, and I never will be.

If I am fit and healthy I can enjoy it to an extend - especially if I am out and about with Imola - but generally I'm just not good at it. So apart from the occasional jog with Imola, I only will do it from spring on until June to be able to give a decent performance at Race for Life and then I will go back to the rowing.

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Boxing is off for the time being. I had stopped it together with all the other stuff and it had the least priority to be taken up again. The incentive was additionally low because the time of the course was not good. It was hacking the whole Saturday apart and a girl has a few other things to do than sport.

... and ... to become reasonably good I would have had to practice a bit at home. Well, one has to draw a line somewhere and now the temptation is gone because the course is cancelled.

I will keep it in mind because I really liked it and it was a nice group of people to be with. However, again I have to admit: I am not a class person. I need a bit of flexibility. So we will have to see what will happen in the future.

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So, that is it - my new training plan. If you are interested in details - give me a shout at Some of the weight exercises (legs, shoulders and parts of the chest) are already published here and the rest is to follow, but I'm happy to answer your emails.

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