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The 2008 Norwich Half Marathon

Norwich Showground
A huge place to accommodate 2000 runners and their cheering crew
There was even a nice food court.

Two daring ladies attended the race under dull weather conditions, but at least no rain or wind.

Imola looked better than ever in her third half marathon, as the pictures are proving. After 10K she seemed to just have warmed up nicely.

I guess that will not be the last half marathon which I will visit with my camera to catch the ladies on film. That at least saves me the running...

When waiting for her at the Finish I expected a huffing and puffing red faced something and was catching her on a photo with a cheeky face... This woman never fails to astonish. The more that she claimed not having been able to train properly.

I feel ashamed to say that I already felt exhausted only watching the runners.

For Sally it was the first half marathon, and a couple of weeks ago she mentioned that she was not really up for it feeling that she didn't have enough training. The bigger is her achievement now that she pulled through. What a determination!

We will have to see if Imola's way of seeing it will work for her as well - Every time I say: 'Never ever again! Well, and then I just need to go out for a run again and can't wait for the next race to come up!'

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